Alex Endert completed his PhD under the supervision of Chris North at Virginia Tech. He published his work on a large scale, force directed text visualization at CHI 2012. He is now a researcher at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he works with their MURAL display.

Jean-Daniel Fekete is the Scientific Leader of the INRIA Project Team AVIZ. His research interests include Visual Analytics, InfoVis and HCI. At CHI 2012 he published work on the use of tablets for interacting with Powerwall displays, and how the addition of tangible widgets improves the experience.

Kasper Hornbaek is a Professor at the University of Copenhagen, focusing on Human-Centered Computing. His interests include collaborative sensemaking, and how Powerwall displays help in this process. His recent work shows how physical navigation helped users fluidly switch between individual and join work.

Chris North is a Professor at Virginia Tech and runs the Gigapixel Display Lab, which focuses on the technologies underlying, interactions with, and visualizations on ultra-high-resolution display technologies. His paper on physical navigation, published at CHI in 2007, is well cited by the high-resolution display community, and provides a fundamental understanding of why users benefit from interacting with data on Powerwall displays.

Chris Rooney is a post doc researcher at Middlesex University. He completed his PhD at the University of Leeds, where his research focused on the issues users face when moving from desktop to Powerwall interaction. He is now in charge of the Middlesex Powerwall project, which is in the process of installing the 64 million pixel display powered by a single node.